Get Your Grub On: Toronto Edition

I love food. I love food, you love food, we all love food. If you’re like me, you take your culinary travel experience very seriously! Toronto, the definition melting pot of Canada, is in no lacking of great food choices! Areas like Kensington Market, downtown Toronto, China town, etc each have an amazing assortment of eateries you need to try. However, I’m going to spell out your perfect day full of perfect meals.

Breakfast – Our Spot


I know this is a list of my favorites for every meal, but this was my absolute overall favorite! Our Spot was the friendliest, best tasting, best pricing, largest portion sized restaurant we ate at. For only $5.50CAD, the platter included 3 eggs, toast, salad, fruit, home fries. For $1.50CAD you could get unlimited coffee. Not only that, but the staff was exceptional! They were personable, quick, and inviting. Plus, they have working free wifi. That’s a necessity.

Address: 108 Baldwin St. Toronto, ON Kensington Market

Lunch – Pancho Y Emiliano Mexican


At first, I was turned off by their slow service and lack of a liquor license (I like my tacos with a Corona). It was so slow that I actually wanted to get up and leave, but my girlfriend told me to calm down. I’m glad she did because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had these amazing tacos! I’ve had plenty of tacos in my life, but these are easily the best ones I’ve had outside of Mexico. Located in Kensington Market, PyE Mexican provides a spectacular view for people watching.

Address: 200 Augusta Ave Toronto, ON M5T 2L8

Dinner – Madison Avenue Pub

You may be surprised that this is a pub connected to a hostel. However, their food was delectable and I would have gone again if I had time! The poutine was scrumptious, dripping with gravy. The chicken curry was mouth watering and juicy. Here’s a tip: this pub isn’t for the faint hearted. Be ready to be full for hours.

Address: 14 Madison Avenue Toronto, ON M5R 2S1 


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