Get Your Wanderlust On! Best Jobs for Those Who Wish to Fulfill Their Wanderlust

We all dream of that perfect job that has us travelling non-stop. I guffaw at job requirements that say “Must be willing to travel internationally.” It’s the “must” and “willing to” that get me goin’! Travelling is a privilege, so yes, travelling 75% of the calendar year is quite okay with me.

The jobs on this list are what I see as the best opportunities for travelling abroad.

Become an Au PairAuPairSummer-700x341.jpg

Hooray for stock photos! Anywho, becoming an Au Pair is probably the best option for those of you who enjoy children and free things. Au Pairs are perfect for budget travellers because not only will your accommodation and meals be accounted for, but some families even pay for their Au Pairs to take language classes for their host country.

The best websites I know of for finding an Au Pair position are,, and  Most of these sites you have to pay membership for, but it’s a one time fee and it’ll get you access to a whole database of host families.

ESL Teacher


If you’re a native English speaker, one of your greatest assets is just that: your native tongue. People everywhere in the world are trying to learn English, and they need people like you to teach them!

Getting an ESL job is not hard, especially around South East Asia and Central America. However, if you ever want to move up the food chain, you’re going to need to earn your TEFL Certificate. This essentially teaches you how to teach English. I went through TEFLExpress.

Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent is no easy task, especially now-a-days when in-person travel details are a thing of the past. Everything can be done online with the click of a button! However, if you go to school and have a passion for travel, becoming an agent is definitely a viable option.

Often times travel agencies invest in their employees knowledge and understanding of what they’re selling. Therefor, agencies send their employees on trips, allowing them to sell via first hand experience.

International Education Recruiter

This is the path that I’ve decided to go down. As an International Education Recruiter, I will be doing one of two things: either working for a US institution and travelling overseas to recruit international students, or work at an international institution and recruit American students. Either one provides a lot of opportunity to travel.

Personally, I’m a people person and I’d like to think I’m a good salesman. Hopefully, I can use both of these gifts in the future and get my master’s degree in International Higher Education.

Work on a Cruise Ship

If the nautical life is the life for you, consider working aboard a cruise ship! Sale port-to-port, experiencing a new country every week. Not only that but have your food and accommodation taken care of! Whether you’re an entertainer, customer service agent, excursion expert, or whatever, there is something on a boat for everyone.

Finding work abroad isn’t hard! There are plenty of opportunities out there, you just need to know where to look. Hopefully this post sparked a bit of wanderlust.

Are there any awesome jobs I forgot?? Comment them below and I’ll amend them to the piece. 


2 thoughts on “Get Your Wanderlust On! Best Jobs for Those Who Wish to Fulfill Their Wanderlust

  1. Teaching English overseas is on my travel bucket list. I’d add nursing to this list too, its a bit of a commitment and not something you’d do just for the travelling, but it’s a job you can work all over the world with and always in demand.

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