Get Your Ski On Around Washington D.C.! Best Skiing Around the Metropolitan Area

As the winter rolls in, most tend to flock south towards the warm weather! Rightfully so, I may add. However, for those of us who enjoy our cold weather and enjoy our winter sports, this posts for you!

I’ve done my fair share of skiing, and I love it! However, skiing on the east coast is a bit of a disappointment, especially around the DC Area. There are a few resorts worth mentioning, but not many. Here are my top places to ski near the DMV (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia.. just fyi).

Seven Springs, PA

Situated in the lower sector of the Allegheny Mountain Range, Seven Springs Mountain Resort  is easily the best within a three hour radius of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Just outside of Pittsburgh, Seven Springs definitely gets it’s fair share of snow. Currently listed as 24-32″ (mostly man-made), the resort, in my experience, never has any issues with lack of snow and skiers. If you get cold, warm yourself up with a nice brew from the Foggy Goggle, the hip and fun bar plopped right next to the trail.

Canaan Valley, WV

About three hours west of Washington D.C. sits Canaan Valley, WV, home to Canaan Valley Mountain Resort. Though I’ve never been, Canaan Valley is ranked as the number one place in West Virginia for skiing. With 7″ of natural snow and 24-48″ of man-made, it seems like they’ve had a pretty successful year with producing snow. Bundle up though, forecasts show it to be in the negatives with wind chill.

Ski Liberty, PA

For you adrenaline junkies/terrain park monkeys, this is the resort for you. With easily the best terrain park close to Washington D.C. I suggest you make a quick two hour journey north to Gettysburg, PA. For everyone else, Ski Liberty offers dozens of trails for all levels of experience. This is one of my personal favorites because Ski Liberty is a quick day trip for me, lowering my expenses.

Snowshoe, WV

For a bit of a lengthier drive, head 4.5 hours west to Snowshoe, WV. The 256 acre resort offers miles upon miles of trails and 69% of it is Green or Blue, perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers. They offer a live cam so if you want to check out the conditions, go right ahead! If you’re not so much into the skiing aspect, the resort also offers an acclaimed spa including massages, hot stones, body scrubs, facials, you name it.

Wisp, MD

Three hours northwest of Washington D.C. sits little ole Wisp, WV. At first it may look like a joke of a resort, but this little bunny hill packs 19″ of snow over 172 acres. 73% of the mountain is beginner to intermediate and even offers opportunities for some cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Check out their webcams too!

Wintergreen, VA


Easily the best in Virginia, Wintergreen Mountain Resort is located 2.5 hours south west of Washington DC near Charlottesville, VA. Fine dining, skiing, spa’s, you name it, they’ve got it! With a 24-36″ base and accumulating snowfall daily Wintergreen is on the rise and is ranked at the top of the best skiing in the Mid-Atlantic.

Skiing is not the Mid-Atlantic’s forte, however we do make the best of what we have! Have you been to any other resorts that you’d recommend? Comment them below!


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