Shenandoah Valley: A Story With Pictures

Me: “Where is the cabin this weekend?”

Maggie (not a native Virginian): “Shenandoah!”

Me: “Shenandoah is a big place…like… half the state. What do the directions say?”

Maggie: “It says Shenandoah…”

Me: “Oh boy… **takes a look at the directions – reads ‘Shenandoah, VA**”

Me: “Oh”

So, me as a native Virginian, did not know we had an actually Shenandoah, VA. Fun fact: we do!

And it is absolutely stunning!


I recently got called a mountain-snob, an insult I’m not too ashamed of. So I like my mountains? So what??

Maggie and I, and a bunch of our friends, travelled to Shenandoah for a weekend getaway to celebrate her 21st birthday, and it was spectacular. To my surprise, there was quite a lot for us to do, especially when both of us thoroughly enjoy photography (even though she’s a little better, check her out).

Only 30 minutes North is the Luray Caverns with miles and miles of caves to explore. But we decided to spend our time otherwise, and it mostly consisted of being in a car.

On Saturday, we paid the $20 entrance fee to Skyline Drive, and got every dollars worth. Even though the countries longest national park offers over 70 vistas/overlook, it’s still hard to fathom how big and beautiful the Blue Ridge Mountains are.


The rest of our weekend consisted of us doing nothing but eating and driving around taking pictures, and that’s just how we liked it.





We made the pact to go back next year, and I already cannot wait!


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