Kayaking the Mangroves and Surfing the Dunes: Round It Up In Qatar

We always save the best for last, that’s the tradition. Tradition Dammit! This past weekend has been eventful to say the least. Saturday we ventured an hour north, meeting up with Entalek Eco-Adventures in Al Khor for some mangrove kayaking. Then, to top … Continue reading

Packing Guide to Qatar

How does one pack for a country they’ve never been to? Furthermore, how does one pack for a country who’s climate they’ve never experienced before? Even furthermore, how does one pack for a country who’s social norms and laws are as … Continue reading

Quick Tour of Qatar

As time ticks down, my departure for Qatar draws closer and closer.6:05 pm, you’ll find me taking off from Washington Dulles International Airport, en route to Frankfurt, and later onto Doha. I’ve done my research, I’ve gathered prices, and I’ve made … Continue reading