Home For The Year (5.8.14)

As my final trip for the summer comes to a close, looking back, it has been a great time. On our final full day in California, we explore Mountain View and San Francisco for the first and only time as a full family. Dad works for Google so we were able to get a sneak peak into what they do there as well as some of the back stage things they provide. While at the facilities, we saw their skate park

their hockey rink

as well as their dirt bike track, GooglePlex, basketball court, and best of all, we got to ride the gBikes around.

After lunch we made our way up 101 North to San Francisco, specifically Fishermans Wharf and Ghirardelli Square.


This morning we had a 5:00 AM wake up call to make our flight from SFO to DCA. It was a great trip and I am very fortunate to have parents who are willing to take my brother and I on a trip like this.

To make sure it was memorable, I decided to film a lot of the activities we did throughout the trip and throw it all together into a video. I’ve posted it below and I hope you all enjoy it.

Who knows where my next trip will be, but wherever it will be, I can’t wait.

Until Next Time, Cheers!



Pebble Beach (3.8.14)

As previously stated, my family and I checked in to Pebble Beach Resort where we began our golf adventures. Saturday, Max and my dad teed-off at Spanish Bay, a course associated with the Links at Pebble Beach. While there, mom and I had a fun time ourselves. We began the day with some time at the fitness center which included weight lifting, hot tubs, and saunas. At the resort, guests have the ability to rent a Lexus free of charge so later on, mom and I found ourselves whipping around 17 mile drive in a Lexus convertible. We began our tour at the Lonely Cyprus, the logo and staple of Pebble Beach.

We then drove over to Carmel, a surrounding town full of cute Ma’ and Pa’ shops, one of which carried rugby shirts, god knows why? Of course I had to get it. When it was time to return the Lexus, we made our way back to the resort and grabbed ourselves some lunch. A par-three course is situated near by so after lunch we headed over there and worked on our chipping and putting.

Today we finally took the course at Pebble Beach and it was…. ugly to say the least. BUT it was fun, and that’s what matters, right? I don’t play golf on a regular basis and I don’t practice so playing poorly was not a surprise.

Tomorrow we go check out dads office at Google and then up to San Francisco for some more sightseeing. Tuesday we have an early wake up call for an 8:00 AM flight home. Then it’s off to school for transfer orientation! I can’t wait to see what the last few weeks of summer have in store, and then finally back to school!

For now, Cheers!


Done in San Fran, Next Stop? Pebble Beach! (1.8.14)

The first full day in San Francisco was an eventful one to say the least. First off came the conquering of the Caltrain, the Bay Areas commuter train. Riding local trains in an unknown area is always nerve racking. Luckily, I arrived at my intended destination; AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants.

It was a fun time watching the home team Giants take a big win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

A nice, three mile, stroll to the Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39 followed the game. By that point, I had worked up an appetite so off to Wipeout Bar and Grill I went.

Later that night I stopped by to see a friend in Berkeley! She gave me a tour of the campus, as well as where all the homeless people hung out (there were a lot of them). I could feel my IQ increasing just by my presence on campus.

On Thursday, the 31st of July, I decided to indulge a little and did some shopping on Market Street, a fast paced, high population area of Downtown San Francisco. In the afternoon, Dad joined me and we meandered around the city, going where the wind took us. We ended up in Chinatown eating dumplings and playing traditional Chinese instruments.

Finally, to end the night, we picked up Mom from the airport and gave her a quick tour of the city. Of course, we picked up some In-N-Out burger just like we did when I had landed, almost like a right of passage.

Today we venture off to Pebble Beach where we’ll meet up with Maxwell who is at a golf camp down there. We’ll check into the hotel and get ready to start playing tomorrow.

For Now, Cheers!


A New Favorite (29.7.14)

I’ve been in San Francisco for only a few hours and I already have a new favorite state. It all started with the approach of the airport where I “awe’d” at the rolling hills.

And it was solidified while watching this Swiss Air plane soaring off into the sunset.

After collecting my luggage from the baggage claim, Dad and I made our way to the city, making stops at the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombart Street. Being a little foggy, the pictures were a little blurry.

From there we embarked on an adventure I had been most looking forward to since learning I was going to California… to In-N-Out Burger we go.

Let me just tell you that it did not disappoint.

Tomorrow, I’ll head out to the city and see where the wind takes me. I know for sure that I’ll be at the Giants baseball game tomorrow and I can’t wait to see yet another sport event in yet another city.

For Now, Cheers!


West Coast Bound

Tonight I board Virgin American flight VX 2 en route to San Francisco. I’ve been fortunate throughout my life to be able to travel, but this will be my first time on the West Coast of the United States.

While out there I have a few things on my bucket list, and I’m up for any suggestions.

– Golden Gate Bridge

– Lombard Street

– China Town

– Ghirardelli Square

– Giants Game

On Friday, Max, Mom, Dad, and I will check into Pebble Beach Golf Resort and eventually play their main courses. I’m not too sure what to expect while out there but my hopes are high so don’t disappoint San Francisco!