Why American Airlines Can Screw Up & I’ll Still Fly With Them

Have you ever heard the phrase “lesser of two evils”? Picking the best of the worst? For me, that’s what it comes down to when choosing any US Carrier. Delta? United? American? They’re all bad, But here’s why American Airlines … Continue reading

Sint Maarten: A Closure

Concluding a trip from now on, I will close it out with a list of reviews and links to official reviews I make on Trip Advisor! The sites reviewed will include restaurants, activities, housing, and general locations. Here’s my closure to St. Maarten … Continue reading

How I Spent My Last Few Days in Sint Maarten

Sorry for not posting last night! As one great mind once told me, if you’re not passionate about it, don’t write it, and last night, I was not feeling it! I was tired and did not feel like writing. This … Continue reading

Bienvenue/Welkom a Sint Maarten

After a full day of traveling, I have finally made it to Sint Maarten. With a 5:00 am wake up call and a 7:30 flight out of DCA, it took us roughly 10 hours to get here, including an hour … Continue reading