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T-Minus 7 Days Until Chicago (3.10.2014)

In exactly seven days,  Maggie and I will be strolling around downtown Chicago, admiring the overpowering Sears Tower, the reflective Bean, and posing for silly tourist pictures in front of Sue the Dinosaur (yea, I didn’t know that was a thing either). Luckily, I have an over zealous girlfriend, so theres no way I’ll be missing out on anything cool. Check out the itinerary she put together for us…

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 7.58.58 PM

Basically, food. And I am so pumped. For months I’ve been hearing about ‘Portillos’ and ‘Sushi Kushi’ and ‘Walker Bros’. Finally I’ll be exposed to the “best food in the Midwest.”

And of course, she’s been dropping hints that Chicago is “the best city in the world.” This is just one of the many Buzzfeeds she sent me.

She’s set the bar high so I expect nothing less than perfection. I promise in my posts I’ll include many pictures! Stay tuned for my first trip to the Windy City!

For Now, Cheers!


P.S.: Do any of you all have suggestions as to what’s a must see?? I’d love for some great ideas!