If I Were You, This Is Where I Would Go In 2016!

As the new year rolls in, most of us have either already begun or are just starting to plan our trips for 2016. But for those of us procrastinators, we’re still ogling at a globe trying to figure out where … Continue reading

Aesthetically Pleasing Greek Architecture: Guest Post by Blue Hour Photography

Blue Hour Photography, run by Maggie Gialamas (aka my girlfriend) recently visited Greece. Knowing her talents, I asked her numerous times if she’d allow me to post some of her pictures! She finally got them to me and I was … Continue reading

#TBT: Photo Memoir of Contiki 2013

After graduating high school in June of 2013, I embarked on a remarkable excursion to Europe for roughly about a month. I joined the European Whirl Tour through Contiki While there, I visited Iceland, England, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech … Continue reading