Tbilisi! (20.5.14)

Michael warned me… Georgia is a wild land, and I could tell the second I landed. After arriving at 3:00 am in Tbilisi, we made our way to the Hotel Europa where we were staying for the next 2.5 weeks. The only issue was, that hotel did not exist anymore, and we found this out at 4:00 am… Luckily we had Michaels close friends with us to take us back to their loft to hang out until we figured out our next steps. Nino, Mike’s “2nd mother” was a huge help and found us our own fantastic loft for only $23 a night!

Yea… fantastic. 5 beds, 1 bath, full kitchen, wifi, tv, and a laundry room!

I would have posted about this yesterday but all three of us passed out around 6:30 pm, and ended up sleeping for 13.5 hours. That’s what happens when you don’t sleep for 30 hours.

Once we got here, only one place was on Michaels mind, these beauts:

Klinkali… 30 of them. They were so good that after I didn’t want anymore, I forced myself to eat one more. Don’t be deceived, these little devils are difficult to eat and if you don’t do it correctly, any Georgian will judge you.

Step 1: Stab the stem with the fork and flip it upside down

Step 2: Take a small bite out of the dough and suck the juice out that is inside it

Step 3: Eat the rest of the Klinkali, but not the stem! This is how others know how many you’ve ate. It’s almost like a competition.

Apparently these are a daily meal, and no complaints here. The equivalent price of these in the USA is about ยข30/klinkali.

Today our plans have been a little skewed because of the wet weather. We haven’t decided what we want to do yet but I’ll keep y’all up to date!

For now, cheers!