The Make It or Break It Trip of a Lifetime: A look ahead to Prague 2016

Since I was a young lad, all I’ve ever wanted to do was move abroad, work abroad, and possibly even bring my family lineage back to Finland. I tell myself ‘It’ll be easy, just graduate with a degree, finish school, … Continue reading

What To Do With a Two Day Stopover in Iceland

For those of you who are not aware, Icelandair offers an amazing stopover program. If you fly through them, Icelandair will allow you have up to a seven day “extended layover” in Iceland for no extra charge! This essentially adds … Continue reading

A Guide to Getting to Tikal: The Ancient Mayan Civilization

Situated in a region of the world where infrastructure is not its forte, Tikal, Guatemala can be a little difficult to get to! There are two major ways of getting there: driving or flying, neither of which are favorable, economically … Continue reading

Gain Followers On Instagram: Best Hashtags to Grow Your Network

The social networking form of reaching audiences is ever growing. Nowadays, most people have a Twitter, an Instagram, a Facebook, a Pinterest, a Google+, etc etc. Everyone posts different material on different platforms, and each person offers something that someone … Continue reading